Welcome to Earth’s Future!

Our ‘Wake-Up Song’ was released on the 24th of march 2023 at 9 AM!

We are happy you found us, and hope you will stay a bit longer to find out who we are and what we are aiming for.

Our wish is to reach out to the whole world with a plea to care more for nature and consider earth’s future. To this purpose we created a song – the Wake up song- and a videoclip in which you will see and hear 49 young singers from 20 different nationalities. The singers will share this song with their friends and families all over the world.

And here it is! Our “WAKE UP” song!!
49 young singers and 5 musicians from 20 different countries gave it their all to make this song come to life. There is another group of 10 singers that also supports this project but in a different way. Together with them we count 24 different countries. We very much hope you’ll sing along with us!

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“A part of nature, we are…How could we’ve come this far…not caring for Earth’s future”
This is one of the lines of our “Wake up song”.

And now that you’re here we’d like to invite you:

  • To look at our long list of people from all over the world that support Earths Future.
  • To check our blog and look at the photographs of the making of The Wake-Up Song and find out what we are up to.
  • To look and listen to the interviews of 8 young singers from Iran, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine ánd Russia and hear why they wanted to contribute to this project.
  • To read the beautiful poems of Machteld.
  • And when the song and the videoclip are ready: We’d like to invite you to sing and swing along with us and share the song.

Let’s take responsibility for the future of our planet with a positive attitude. ?


Earth’s Future’s mission is to contribute to raising awareness of our behaviour in a positive way. Our choices and actions have a major impact on the quality of life on earth. We would like to emphasise that everyone can quite easily contribute to a healthier planet if they want to. Our message is addressed to every fellow human being anywhere in the world, but certainly also to those who make decisions that have an enormous impact on our planet such as politicians and boards of major industries.


We believe that we will be far more successful reaching people if we reach out in a positive way. As the Dutch people say “It is much easier catching flies with honey than with vinegar”. Music has a connecting effect and that is why we wrote the “Wake-up” song to spread our message. An uplifting song with catchy lyrics and a catchy melody.


We want to use a video clip to try and reach as many people as possible with our message. The Wake-Up Song is a swinging positive song; a song that makes you want to sing along so that the message continues to reverberate, making us aware of the need to change our behavior in order to maintain a livable earth. The song carries our message. Supported by an artistic video clip. The Wake-Up Song is performed by 48 young singers from 20 different countries: Hungary, Suriname, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Poland, Slovenia, South Korea, Iran, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy and so on. The call to wake up and do something comes from people all over the world and is, again, addressed to people all over the whole world.

Promotion song & clip

By means of fundraising (GoFundme) we are trying to draw attention to this project and ultimately we aim at making the project come to life of course. All parties involved, including all singers from the choir, will get their own social networks involved. to help spread the Wake Up Song; from South Korea to Ukraine, from Iceland to Portugal, from Suriname to Russia. Social media will also be used for announcements and updates: to name but a few: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

In addition, radio and TV are approached to pay attention to the Wake-Up Song. We also try to draw attention to this project through podcasts. On the Earth’s Future website (earthsfuture.nl) we posted interviews with the singers, videos of ’the making of’, photos, poems and stories that have arisen around this project. There you can also find information about important events and how the Earth’s Future project can be (financially) supported


A separate business account has been opened at ASN bank for the Earth’s Future Project. We try to generate as much money as possible from our supporters via the GoFundme platform. The funds obtained will initially be used to reimburse all expenses of all employees (travel expenses, renting equipment, etc.) and to support the use of social media and PR. So far, all participants have agreed to contribute voluntarily because they are convinced that the Earth’s Future Project is a very meaningful cause.

It would of course be fantastic if enough money came in to partially reimburse them for their efforts. Despite the fact that almost everyone comes from the creative sector – which was severely affected by the Corona crisis – they want to commit themselves to this project because of their great concern for the future of the earth; Earth’s Future…

Summary & Conclusion

We are spreading a swinging and catchy song via social media in which we call on everyone to be more considerate and careful with our planet. The goal is to create more awareness so that we can all contribute to a better future. The growing international group of participants in this project will distribute the song, clip and message via their own network. Crowdfunding has been set up to help realize this project.

The more attention there is for this project, the more attention there is for Earth’s Future. This movement will continue as long as we can keep it going.

Get involved and support Earth’s Future. For our earth. For our future.